Aside from their world-class durability and industry-leading design, OKNOPLAST glass panels help improve your home’s energy efficiency year round, while increasing privacy and adding an element of unmatched distinction.  They’re a perfect choice for bathrooms, front doors and other areas in need of increased comfort and security.  Choose from P2 or P4-class sealed glazing units, as well as tempered glass to help deter break-ins while preventing injury.   

Safety glass panels

Safety glass panels reduce the risk of burglary and ensure the comfort of the inhabitant. Safety glass panels include:

P2 and P4 class sealed glazing units with a specially reinforced structure, keeping the glass panel in place even when it is broken.

P2 sealed glazing units - glass panels combined with a layer of protective film that reduces the risk of injury.

Tempered glass panels with improved resistance - if broken, the glass will shatter into hundreds of small, blunt shards, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Ornamental glass panels

Glass panels with various patterns that let in daylight, but protect the intimacy of the inhabitants. Often used in bathrooms or front doors. Additional thermal insulation properties reduce heat loss and prevent the staining of curtains. Optionally, the glass panels can be made in a sound absorbing version to reduce noise from the outside.



Chinchila brown




Delta Mat


Kura colorless


Kura brown


Mastercarre white

Masterligne white



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