For homeowners seeking the perfect balance of performance, beauty and energy efficiency, OKNOPLAST Prolux windows are a wonderful solution.  Their innovative design and meticulous manufacturing standards result in what’s arguably the industry’s most gorgeous, energy efficient windows.  Learn more about each or get in touch with BSL Direct for complete information.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

OKNOPLAST Prolux windows are the result of extensive research and the most advanced design and manufacturing practices.  They feature superior thermal-insulation properties, to keep the heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer months, for lower utility bills and year-round beauty that adds charm, protection and value to every home.

Durable PVC Windows

With a 6-chamber Class-A window profile, 3mm wall thickness and 70mm casing, you simply won’t find a more durable and energy-efficient window anywhere.  Each OKNOPLAST Prolux window is designed using the most stringent manufacturing practices, resulting in PVC windows that retain their stunning looks and function throughout the decades.

Unmatched Style

OKNOPLAST Prolux windows are more than just durable and energy-efficient, they’re also among the most beautiful windows you will ever set your eyes on.  Each one is constructed in true artisan style to impart timeless beauty that lasts longer than traditional windows.  And with over 60 unique color combinations, there’s no limit to how creative you can get.

Fully Customizable

What makes OKNOPLAST Prolux windows a favorite among today’s most discerning homeowners?  Aside from the vast color options, all OKNOPLAST windows can be custom cut to virtually any size or shape imaginable, with a stunning array of hardware and accessory options.  Match your home’s interior or exterior flawlessly, while enhancing year round performance.

To learn more about OKNOPLAST Prolux PVC windows, get in touch with the BSL Direct team today by phone or email.

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